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About Jon Husted

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With all of his responsibilities, Jon Husted considers his most important roles as that of husband to his wife Tina and father to his children, Alex, Katie and Kylie.

Raised in Montpelier Ohio, Husted attended the University of Dayton (UD), where he earned All-American Defensive Back honors as a member of the 1989 Division III National Championship football team. After receiving his bachelor's and master's degrees from UD, Husted stayed in the Dayton area where he served as Vice President of Business and Economic Development at the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Jon Husted was first elected to public office in 2000 as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Only four years later, Jon's colleagues elected him Speaker of the Ohio House, making him one of the youngest ever to lead the body.

After serving two terms as Speaker, Husted was elected to the Ohio Senate, where he was a leading advocate for reforming how we draw legislative and congressional districts. This is a cause he continues to champion as Secretary of State.

In 2010, Jon Husted was elected Ohio’s 53rd Secretary of State. Husted’s continued leadership in Ohio is getting recognized nationally. In 2013, the Washington Post’s blog “The Fix” named him one of their “Top 10 Rising Stars” in America. For his outreach to military families, Jon was recently recognized by the Association of the United States Army and Ohio was deemed an All-Star State by the Military Voter Protection Project. Under his watch, Ohio also received high marks for elections preparedness by voter advocacy groups, including Common Cause, the Verified Vote Foundation and Rutgers University Law School.

Making it Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat

From using technology to streamline the voting process to cleaning up Ohio’s voter rolls, Jon Husted is always looking to improve how we run elections in our state. By ensuring it is easy to vote and hard to cheat, Husted is restoring confidence and integrity in Ohio’s system of elections.

Under Husted’s leadership, Ohio’s voter rolls have improved significantly. More than 300,000 deceased voters have been identified and removed, and hundreds of thousands of duplicate registrations have been resolved. By working with other states, Husted was able to identify voters who cast ballots in Ohio and another state, and referred every violator for possible criminal prosecution. Through a partnership Husted established with Ohio BMV, non-citizens who were registered on state rolls can now be identified, and a process is now in place to ensure they are compliant with the law. These common-sense reforms are restoring confidence in Ohio’s system of elections and improving the process.

For the first time in Ohio history, Husted mailed absentee ballot requests to every eligible voter in advance of the 2012 Presidential Election, leading to record absentee turnout. Using technology to create more access and security, Jon Husted launched an online change of address system, allowing voters to update their information electronically. Husted has also made Ohio a national leader when it comes to helping members of the armed forces vote. With Jon Husted as Secretary of State, Ohioans can have confidence that it is has never been easier to vote, and the proper safeguards are in place to ensure it is hard to cheat.

Helping Ohioans Create Jobs

Jon Husted has rolled out the red carpet to business and job creation in Ohio by cutting the red tape.

He’s done this by reducing wait times and improving customer services. 

It now takes only about a day and half today to start a business or submit a filing, much quicker than approximately four days when Secretary Husted took office. In 2010, Husted promised to build an online business filing system to make it easier to start a business. That system is up and running, and now one in five new businesses are created online in Ohio.

These improvements are working! Since January 2011, more than 277,000 new companies have filed to do business in Ohio, and both 2012 and 2013 were record years for Ohio. So far in 2014, we are on track for another record-breaking year.

Doing More with Less

As Speaker of the Ohio House, Jon Husted was instrumental in passing the most fiscally-conservative budget in 40 years that included the reform of the state tax code and the largest income tax cut in Ohio history.

As Secretary of State, Jon Husted saved taxpayers $2.5 million in spending during the 2012 Presidential Election compared to the 2008 Presidential Election, all the while running a smooth election and enhancing voter services. Husted has also reduced staffing by 25% from peak of nearly 200 in November 2008, to fewer than 150 today while still improving customer services and his commitment to doing “More with Less” is the leadership Ohioans need.

Building Stronger Families

Adopted at a young age, Jon Husted has always been a strong advocate of expanding opportunities for adoption and proud defender of life.  Husted is a champion for personal responsibility, family, faith and freedom, and those values are reflected in his service to Ohio.

He’s also been a leader in improving education. As Speaker of the Ohio House, he led passage of the Ed Choice Scholarship – a school choice option for children trapped in chronically-failing schools.

Husted also helped create the Choose Ohio First Scholarship to encourage Ohio students studying in the STEMM disciplines of science, technology engineering, mathematics and medicine.

Supporting Our Military

One of Jon Husted’s top priorities as Secretary of State is to ensure Ohio service members have access to the materials and information they need in order to vote, no matter where they are stationed in the world. In 2011, Husted launched the Military-Ready-to-Vote (MRV) program, and since then, thousands of Ohioans, living all across the world, have used MRV successfully.

Jon Husted was recognized by the Association of the U.S. Army for his work in this area, and Ohio is one of only a handful of states to be named an All-Star State by the Military Voter Protection Project for going above and beyond in helping service members vote.